Portable Target – Trolley Systems

Ultimate "Running Man" trolley system, the WTS was designed to provide military grade training applications to Law Enforcement.  The rail system provides a reliable and stable platform to develop and execute training drills, unlike running man systems that operate on steel cables.  The random movements and variable ground speed provide a realistic experience that is not always predictable.  System sets up and tares down in less than 30 mins.



  • - High torque reversible DC drive motor
  • - Computer controlled, programmable Motor Control Unit
  • - 3 smooth trolley speeds based on AFM 23-10
  • - 3 random programmed motions
  • - 24 VDC rechargeable, quick-change battery pac Expensive external power is not required
  • - 2 Instructor Remote Controls with up to 500 yard range.
  • - Long range antenna
  • - Cardboard/Polymer Target Mount with 8 adjustable position target holders
  • - Carriage Adapter mounts the AIM Universal Target System and AIM AR 500 targets
  • - 50 feet of Unistrut rails expandable to 200 feet. Expensive concrete pad is not required
  • - “Iron Maiden” 2 reactive plate, AR 500 steel target
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