PITS – Pop-Up Target Systems

  The Target Shop offers cost effective pop-up or portable infantry target systems (PITS) ranging from the basic (Knight Hawk) reactive long distance shooting, to the advanced threat scenarios (Universal Target System II) with pop-up or pop-out capability and optional Select-A-Shot technology for multiple hit recognition.  We can also provide semi-custom systems to your specifications.

UTS w Hit Recognition

Universal Target System II™

• Portable “Pop-Up/Drop Down” system rotates targets up or back into the shooter’s Field-Of-View. • High torque reversible DC drive motor with 12 VDC rechargeable, quick-change battery pack 2,000 target transitions before recharging. • Usable with any weapons platform from AirSoft to .50 BMG. • Adjustable DELAY TIME (3-12 seconds) for threat target, which automatically resets to the up position. • Shooter can engage the target when it is first recognized as a Threat while moving up into the shooter’s Field-Of-View. • Rotatable Threat Target mount easily adjusts for “Angle of Entry” training Drills. • 2 Instructor Remote Controls and Long Range antenna with up to 800 yard range. • Adjustable Stand-Off Distance between the No Threat and Threat targets. • Includes 1 white No Threat polymer target and 1 red Threat polymer target and 2 interchangeable Solid-State hit sensors (plus 1 spare) • Includes the Cranial-Ocular Cavity sniper/marksman training target. • Patented “Threat Status Changer” changes the target status from a No Threat to a Threat as the target moves into the shooter’s FOV. Call for pricing today...(856) 358-5140

 Knight Hawk Portable Target System Featuring Select-A-Shot Technology

Knight Hawk Portable Target System

• Excellent system for long range shooting • Hit recognition with automatic reset or by remote control • Remote control to 500 yds • Silhouette self-sealing composite backers, good for 2000+ rounds (Backers Not Included) • Rechargeable battery operation providing 8 hrs of continuous training • Upward motion hit capability, allowing for first sight drills • Integrated light for night operation • Easy adaptation for use with paper or cardboard targets • Low entry cost…$995.00 ORDER - Holiday Special!