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Ballistic rubber tiles, panels, blocks, sheets, curtains, and components for military, law enforcement and private ranges

All of our ballistic rubber products are made from vulcanized rubber.    This is what sets us apart from many of our competitors, who manufacture ballistic rubber by simply gluing recycled rubber particles back together, also know as "cold process or cold pressed".   There is no real secret to our blocks, the difference in performance is the density of our rubber.   Our vulcanized rubber blocks weigh 25% more than a cold process block and density will stop rounds. X-ray photography of our 9"x 12"x 24" blocks clearly shows that a 7.62 round is stopped in 7"-8" of rubber.    This means that the blocks can be arranged with the 9" dimension as the depth.  Our competitors will tell you that you need the 12" as the depth in order to make sure those rounds are stopped.  they also recommend you use a 2" panel and AR500 steel behind the block wall.  Our blocks will perform as good or better than cold process blocks with only  9" of rubber.  This means you need 25% LESS block to cover the same area. To take it a step further, we offer a 6" x 12" x 24" block with a molded high carbon steel screen insert.  These blocks have more stopping power inch for inch (of rubber) than any other product we have seen.  The screen fractures the round within the block and that reduces penetration even more. Call us today to discuss range options or inquire about our other ballistic rubber products...(856) 358-5140