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Full Size IPSC AR500 Challenge Plate

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Full Size IPSC AR500 Challenge Plate

The Full Size IPSC AR500 Challenge Plate is a high quality target provided by the Target Shop LLC, one of the oldest manufacturers of shooting range targets and custom target range solutions in North America.

  • IPSC 3/8 inch AR500 Challenge Plate 17.5 inch wide by 29.5 inch
  • This is the same exact dimensions as the standard IPSC/USPSA cardboard target, minus the inchperf inch.
  • This plate is 3/8 inch thick AR500.
  • Collapsible Steel Stand
  • This is the entire setup, ready to go, to hang any of our static plates that have the two mounting holes. It is all galvanized for corrosion resistance. Excluding the IPSC plate. It consists of:
    • 1 H base
    • 1 Vertical post 5′
    • 1 Head bracket
    • 2 carriage bolts
    • 2 lock nuts
    • 2 tensio</>
Weight 75 lbs



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